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We want to help people discover the power of connection through effective communication

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At Deciphering Solutions UK, we have over five years of editorial and communications experience. Our team is academically trained in English language and linguistics, with an in-depth knowledge of semantics, pragmatics, and psycholinguistics. Rest assured we are intricately acquainted with the raw materials, subtleties, and components of language so that you don’t have to be!

Every interaction with us calls upon the knowledge and skills from across various sectors, from academia and charity to arts and culture. We have worked with lauded organisations such as the UK’s largest art centre Southbank Centre, and innovation foundation Nesta. Across media campaigns such as the reopening of the renowned Hayward Gallery and Queen Elizabeth Hall, royal visits from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and book tours from former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. 


In addition, we bring with us a keen understanding of campaigning, policy and advocacy work, with skills in speechwriting, policy briefings and government consultations. We are confident that no matter your message, or how varied its audience we will facilitate a genuine connection. 

Omolara Olusola

Founder & Editor

Aside from being our Founder and Editor Omolara is a writer and poet. She is the semi-finalist of the LIT UP competition by Waterloo Press, alumni of New Writing South’s Poets’ Place. Her writing has been featured by the curators of Medium under the themes of race and equality and she has worked with the award winning AZ Mag. Get in touch for commissioning.

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